Christchurch Airport to Waitakere City

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About the journey

Waitakere City used to be a city in its own right, however since 2010, it has become a regional authority under the jurisdiction of Auckland Council. The journey between Christchurch Airport and Waitakere City will cover a total of approximately 700 miles and is likely to take at least 16 hours. About half way through the trip, travellers will come across the city of Wellington, located on the southern tip of the North Island. The city has more cafes per capita than New York City and the cosmopolitan feel of the area attracts thousands of tourists per year. Once travellers reach the North Island, a great stop off is Whanganui, famous for its rich art culture and many galleries.

Christchurch Airport to Waitakere City

Christchurch City to Auckland Airport

Motorhome Free 5 days
Dates 12 Oct - 3 Nov
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Christchurch Airport to Auckland Airport

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Campervan Compact
Dates 1 Nov - 5 Nov
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Christchurch Airport to Auckland Airport

D9bb65c38618530c7dca13517f7edc80af4ae050 Free 4 days
Dates 25 Oct - 10 Nov
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Christchurch Airport to Auckland Airport

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Dates 13 Oct - 31 Oct
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