Transfercar 2013 Driver Survey – Results

Thank you to all the participants who answered our recent Transfercar customer survey!

We got an enormous number of responses and we’ve enjoyed going through all the wonderful stories you sent about your adventures while relocating with Transfercar.

Our questions covered 3 main areas:

  • Who drives with us
  • Why you drive with us
  • How you drive with us
  • What you’d like to see


Who drives with us

Results - who drives with us

Generation Y and baby boomers were the two most popular age groups of Transfercar users. They cover people born in the 1980s and 1950s respectively. This means both an older and a younger crowd and getting into adventuring with us!

Over 50% of our drivers are in a job, married or in a domestic relationship and have children. These people mostly travel with their partners and children when they use Transfercar.

How did you all hear about us? Next to word of mouth, basic web search (Google, etc) was the most popular way survey respondents discovered Transfercar.

Why you drive with us

Results - Why did you choose us

Holidays are apparently the biggest reason to enjoy free travel with Transfercar (52%) but a good chunk of drivers used us to also see events and visit friends or family (29%).

Most of those who drive with us are cost-conscious, and that’s why we’re such a popular choice (71%) but many of you chose us just to go on an ADVENTURE (54%). The thought of relocating a random car and seeing where it takes you is an exciting prospect.

How you drive with us

Results - how you drive with us

58% of our drivers have relocated with us just once, but the other 42% have done so multiple times. You tend to relocate with a partner (35%) or alone (30%) most of the time, however they also travel with their friends (16%) or family (16%). Often relocations are with 1 other person (32%) or 2 people (49%), with a maximum of 5 people at one time.

Cars are our most popular form of relocation (46%) but not by much as campervan popularity is running close behind (41%), but some drivers have used both (13%)!

What you’d like to see

Customers who’ve driven with us before would love to see more free days (63%) and free petrol (50%) per relocation.

For respondents who’ve not yet used Transfercar, they just wanted more dates, cars and routes to suit their needs (62%). These people were looking for dates and cars to go on holiday (55%) with their partner (41%) using a campervan (43%). They respondents looked at us because we’re a cheaper alternative (66%) and an adventure (59%).

Results - What you'd like to change

Transfercar enables travellers to travel by road at almost no cost. We’re gearing up to respond to these results and give you all even more freedom to make your travels as exciting and care-free as possible.

Thanks once again to everyone who took the survey! Looking forward to you travelling with us again soon.

The Transfercar Team


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