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Crazy about rugby but gonna be on the road? No panic, we’ve got you sorted!

To the rugby fans out there, we have some real good news: You can be on the road AND follow the Rugby World Cup 2015, so there’s no reason to stop relocating cars 🙂 Here’s our guide to watching the games while on the road,  and the best pubs for some rugby action in the main cities of New Zealand. WATCH THEM ONLINE You have a mobile phone plan with data, and don’t want to leave that comfy campa bed? Great, you can watch the games from anywhere directly on your smartphone screen! All...Read More

Our new date picker explained

You may have noticed that the date picker of our calendar comes in two versions now, depending on the relocation, and you’re wondering why is this?  Here’s a simple explanation: Typically when you rent a motorhome or campervan, the duration and price of the rental is based on the number of calendar days used, that is for example if you pick up on a Monday at 10 am and drop-off on a Thursday at 10 am, even though you’ve only been on the road for 72 hours, the operator will count 4...Read More

Queenstown for non-skiers

Queenstown might be a winter paradise for skiers and boarders, but there’s plenty to do if you don’t feel like swishing down the slopes. The region is also renowned as the ”adventure capital of the world” and for its great party scene, but those who aren’t in their 20’s anymore can also enjoy soft adventures and wonderful pinot noir. Here’s our selection of some of the best things that non-skiers can do: Funyak Safaris on the Dart River Combine wilderness jet boating...Read More

Discover the magic of Western Australia

Western Australia (WA) is so huge and so lightly populated that most of it is just pure wilderness. It is Australia’s final frontier! Perth is the country’s sunniest capital city, offering a vast array of amazing sunsets over the ocean. It blends urban cool with spectacular nature and provides a good start to your Western Australia adventure. There are plenty of bars and restaurants and a very decent choice of beautiful wineries nearby. Follow the coast up North and discover some of the world’s most...Read More

How-to: Wellington to Auckland with Transfercar

So you have booked a car using Transfercar and managed to find one with three days to get from Wellington to Auckland, Yay!  If you want to just drive and get there as soon as possible then that’s about 7 to 8 hours if you go straight up State Highway 1. But with three days, why rush? You can take some time to explore. The obvious first choice is to stop in Taupo and explore Tongariro National Park. Option 1 – State Highway 1 But if you want to be a little more adventurous, you could go via...Read More

Where do you stay when you relocate with Transfercar?

People who drive with Transfercar come from all walks of life and relocate with us for a huge number of reasons. In our 2013 survey we asked you for stories from your relocations with us and found you liked staying at a number of places in a number of different ways… Some of you decide to sleep on the go inside one of our camper-vans “We used Melbourne cup weekend to have a minibreak to new zealand and transfered a camper from christchurch to auckland the weather was miserable but we had a great...Read More