Transfercar helps honeymooners swim with the sharks

Mike from Melbourne: ''We were on our honeymoon and so we took two cars back to back. We took one from Perth to Broome and then picked another to Darwin. I suppose we were very mindful of the fact we were about to leave Australia for a couple of years and wanted to see a chunk of country we’d not seen before.

We planned the coral bay visit - my wife had been there before - she was doing her second time and I was a newbie on the whole Whale Shark experience. You have to snorkel there’s no scuba diving option. You get into boats and the take you out into the bay. There’s a spotter plane who goes and finds the sharks. Then the boats go towards them; drop the tourists in the water near the sharks.

So the shark ends up swimming past you. But you’re not allowed within 5 meters of them so you can’t just swim up to the sharks. They just swim past you and you can swim along with them.''