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What Makes a NZ Road Trip Truly Epic

New Zealand is world-renowned for the vast, raw, and untouched nature of its landscapes, but it is home to beautiful urban areas, as well, such as Wellington and Auckland, all the way down to Christchurch. There is something for everyone, even the most demanding travellers out there. With this in mind, here are some handy tips to help you have a memorable NZ road trip adventure. Pick the Right...Read More

Capturing the Beauty of NZ’s Landscapes: A Photographer’s Guide

A photographer never stops searching for inspiration in every corner of the world – this is something I’ve been telling myself ever since I’ve picked up my first camera more than a decade ago. I was a city kid, too used to the concrete jungle, and I’ve never had that much of a deep connection with nature. Until one day my friends and I decided to do our damned best to make some...Read More
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Australian Road Trip Adventures: East or West?

Australia has vast empty spaces, beautiful landscapes and modern highways which represent a genuine treat to every road adventurer. There’s so much to discover, so where to start? In this article we tell you what you can expect if you make a trip along the West or East Coast. The West Quest Since most tourist itineraries dedicate more time and space to the East Coast, we are going...Read More

Carpooling: a smart way to share the cost of your relocation

Getting a free rental car is great, isn’t it? However you’ll often have to pay for all or part of the fuel used to relocate the car, and on long journeys you may spend over $100… The smartest way to keep costs down is to share the trip with friendly passengers and split the fuel bill. A trip from Christchurch to Auckland could end up costing you only $25 if you take a free rental car...Read More

Transfercar for Dummies: Learn to Relocate like a Pro

Long gone are the days when being accepted for a car relocation was just pure luck. When Transfercar started its operations back in 2008, we only had a handful of vehicles that needed to be relocated each month. Now we’re talking thousands,  so there is definitely an opportunity for you to find the right car or camper relocation, but it all starts with a bit of planning and an...Read More

Crazy about rugby but gonna be on the road? No panic, we’ve got you sorted!

To the rugby fans out there, we have some real good news: You can be on the road AND follow the Rugby World Cup 2015, so there’s no reason to stop relocating cars 🙂 Here’s our guide to watching the games while on the road,  and the best pubs for some rugby action in the main cities of New Zealand. WATCH THEM ONLINE You have a mobile phone plan with data, and don’t want...Read More